I wanted to contact you simply to say thank you so much for all the help you have given to our daughter. She really is a different person. We really can’t believe the change in her. She thinks you are wonderful.


When I first started with therapy I was very low and had a 3 year drinking and smoking habit which became my best friend, or so I kept telling myself. I began to hate myself and felt terribly guilty. Dave made me feel very safe and I felt free to open up, his faith in me kept me strong. My life has now changed so much I hardly recognise myself. I have given up drinking and smoking, I feel alive and don’t want to waste a moment. Dave was hugely patient and professional.

Siobhan age 48

Dave’s calm and intuitive nature has enabled me to overcome extremely challenging personal circumstances. His unique techniques, active listening and great empathy have taken me to a very positive place and supported me to make long lasting changes to all aspects of my life.

Karen age 52

Dave helped me focus on the positives in my life and gave me confidence. I am now a far more relaxed and happy person. Thank you for all your help.

PM age 64yrs

I cannot thank you enough for the understanding and patience you have shown me – my life has changed beyond all recognition in lots of ways.  I finally feel back in control, and am enjoying the necessary selfishness that this entails for now.  I have still got a set of clear goals and at last some proper focus. Thank you.

DJ age 36yrs